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Landscape Management Workshop 2005

Profile No.2: "Behind Tents"

Management objectives
  • Shade
  • Grazing
  • Buffer zone for forest
Site description / history / treatment:
  • Vegetation: Light melaleuca forest with grasses up to 1m high
  • Ground Cover: Covered with approx. 3-5cm partly decomposed leaf litter
  • Soil Surface: Sandy soil, not compacted, moist
  • Last Rainfall: Rainfall on Kachana 2004/2005
  • Fire: Active fire exclusion 1996 and 2005
  • Biological: Grazed with livestock 4 months prior to sampling
  • Mechanical: None
  • Chemical: None
Profile description:
  • 0-8cm: Almost decomposed litter mixed with black humus, moist, with grass roots; color: dark brown
  • 8-18cm: Dark humus layer with grass and tree roots, no undecomposed litter, moist; color: almost black
  • 18-28cm: Dark sand, slightly crumbled, moist, lots of tree roots; color: dark brown to black
  • 28-50cm:Moist sand, forms chunks, with small roots; color: brown
  • 50-60cm:Wet sand, almost no roots; color: light brown

Soil surface

Profile 2

Laid out profile

Top soil, humus layer