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“I grew up in a time when you wanted to save so that your children would have a better life than you had. Now, in all the Anglo-Saxon economies, people don't seem to want to help the next generation, they want to cheat it, by leaving a legacy of worn-out capital...and debt.”

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Landscape Management Workshop 2005

Soil Profiles 2005
Karl's Vlei + Cockatoo Creek

The following soil profiles were taken for the annual Kachana Landscape Management Workshop. The aim was to explore what is actually taking place below our feet. Nature does the talking while we do our best to interpret the messages...

Overview Soil Profiles
Overview Soil Profiles

The holes were 50-60cm deep. They were all dug between 01st and 03th of September 05. We used an auger with a diameter of 20cm. Extracted material was systematically laid out on a piece of plastic to display the soil profile.