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“A life spent making mistakes is not only more honourable but more useful than a life spent doing nothing.”

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Kachana Pastoral Company focuses on the practical aspects of producing better landscape outcomes. We share our experience onsite at our workshops. We share information with other land managers.

What we achieve on Kachana can only be considered successful if we are able to export a working knowledge of rangeland revitalisation. Fortunately Australians recognise the value of free speech. It is also fortunate that although many of our policies emanating from our bureaucratic systems are fundamentally flawed, people in this country have the integrity to admit failures and to search for better ways. In our experience with local departments we have been given much support over the years from individuals within those departments, despite the prevailing official "flat earth" stance. We are grateful for this.

Below are links to our contributions to local debates. Any provocation is meant to provoke thought and discussion, not conflict. As these issues are beyond party politics and racism, we enjoy the freedom of not being hamstrung by "political correctness". We believe that all Australians need healthy environments capable of supporting healthy vibrant human communities. We also believe that all Australians want healthy environments, even if many may not wish to be directly associated with their management.

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