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Landscape Management Workshop 2005

Profile No.1: "Workshop Camp"

Management Objectives
  • Aesthetics
  • Ease of walking
  • Low fuel
Site description / history:
  • Vegetation: Forest opening with pruned grasses and mostly bloodwood trees
  • Ground Cover: Covered with approx. 2cm deep leaf and dry grass litter, partly decomposed
  • Soil Surface: Compacted gray dry soil, mostly sand and clay
  • Last Rainfall: Rainfall on Kachana 2004/2005
  • Fire: Burnt 2y previously for demonstration purposes, otherwise no recent fire history
  • Biological: Treated with livestock for 24h the day before sampling
  • Mechanical: slashing twice a year
  • Chemical: No chemical treatment
Profile description:
  • 0-7cm: Compact top layer with some humus and moisture, little chunks held together by grass roots; color: dark gray
  • 7-14cm: Light compact soil, no moisture, some small tree roots, no chunks; color: light gray
  • 14-40cm: Sandy soil with some clay, slightly moist, lesser grass roots, lots of insect tubes and holes, less compaction, some compacted chunks; color: light brown to gray
  • 40-50cm: More moisture, some grass roots, lesser insect activity; color: light brown

Due to different treatments with animals and machines (tractor) this soil is compact and dry. Its water intake and storage capacity is limited. Still there is a lot of biological activity going on and you can find several insect tunnels and hollows.

Soil surface

Profile 1

Laid out profile

Insect hollow