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The Alligator Creek Project

The Alligator Creek Project: IT’S THE RESULTS THAT COUNT!

Defying unnatural trends and enticing the “GATORS” back to what should be a perennially flowing creek-system.

A triple bottom line initiative supported by Alligator Airways and Kimberley Specialists

The Alligator Creek Project aims to demonstrate the viability of reversing undesirable trends in upper-river rainfall-catchment areas. (It can be argued that it is unnatural to find desertifying landscapes and dry creek-beds in tropical regions that average over 700 mm of rain each year.)

The erosion of exposed ground eventually leads to
loss of species…

Fire, wind, water and time hide the evidence…
Eventually bed-rock is exposed

Our solutions are cost-effective, “low-tech” and with immediate effect: We modify the behaviour of introduced species ( in this case: humans, dingos, wild donkeys and cattle) to produce new defined outcomes.

Bauhinia Creek , The Lone Pine Creek and Bingham Creek all flow into Alligator creek. This pattern of drainage lines lies on the watershed between Cleanskin Creek and Kachana Creek. The Alligator Creek Project aims to demonstrate the viability of low-tech biological solutions to change ecological liabilities into assets.

In ecologically functional situations herding herbivores are nature’s gardeners: they mulch, fertilise and prune plants. We use livestock as a managed biological force to change tropical rain-drops from bomb-shells back into mist-irrigators. “Problems” like salinity and erosion begin to vanish.

Our rainfall becomes more effective and eventually perennial stream-flow is restored. Floods and droughts are mitigated accordingly. We can now consistently achieve these sorts of changes within three years.

The key is the acquisition of new skills and then to initiate action before we reach bed-rock.