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“There are some people who live in a dream world, and there are some who face reality; and then there are those who turn one into the other.”

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Kachana News Flash Mid 2011

“No news” does not necessarily mean “good news”. 

The Kachana News front has been quiet for a while now…
The political noise being made about climate, carbon, water-security, environmental damage, etc., is simply too deafening to compete with.

Over fifty years of results on numerous continents as well as historical analysis of environmental change (albeit viewed with the benefit of hindsight, cutting-edge soil-science and uncommon good sense) give us a clear indication that all of these issues (and more) are interrelated facets of what some of us would call “eco-system-function”.
I.e. Earth’s eco-system responding to:
- external factors that are beyond our control
- internal factors that we humans (knowingly or unknowingly) influence individually or collectively
Simple, but complex stuff!
(A bit like keeping ourselves fit and healthy… if we make too many mistakes things can become very complicated; yet there are a few simple principles, that if adhered to, help us to remain “approximately right” for much of the time rather than finding out too late in life that we were “precisely wrong”…)

Allan Savory is a man who not only can make this complex stuff sound simple, he also has the ‘runs on the board’ to show what he is talking about. Recognition of Allan’s contribution towards addressing the world’s most pressing environmental (and thus also social) challenges is growing. The work that he and his team are conducting half an hour’s drive away from the world-famous Victoria Falls is at last beginning to attract international attention in its own right from visitors who wish to see in the flesh what Allan has been preaching for close to five decades.

Allan Savory visited Australia recently. Below is a link to an interview with ABC’s Genevieve Jacobs. Click the link for full audio!

Is it mere coincidence that only a few days later public funding here in Australia is helping to do just the opposite of what Allan recommends?
I wish to thank ABC’s Carl Curtain for the opportunity to publicly comment.
A taped copy of the interview with Carl can be accessed under the “Audio” section on the right hand side of the following web-page:

Some news can also be “good news”!

May what is left of 2011 be kind to you all,

Chris and the Kachana-Team

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