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“Nature will always push for equilibrium. As custodians, we humans are responsible for that balance. If we continue to be irresponsible custodians, Nature may well dictate a balance in which we no longer have a role to play.”

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Letter to the Editor

Regarding savanna health(Savanna Links Issue 12) is it not time that we as a region/nation officially recognise and acknowledge that “political science” (politically correct science) is one of the most obvious constraints in our productivity as a region/nation?

“Functional science” (where cause and result can be correlated = what actually works) indicates:

It is interesting to observe how the challenges of the land manager change over time. These changes can be directly related to the size of human populations.

Just as the work of the man on the land enabled humans to take Step 1 to Step 2, and later Step 2 to Step 3, I feel the onus will be on the hands-on land managers to come up with practical solutions to educate city people and somehow bring them and most of our leaders back to planet earth in a way that is ecologically acceptable.

In conclusion I wish to take side with voices that have been trying to tell us that in relation to the productivity of our rural areas “sustainability” is a non-goal. It is NON-SENSE to even contemplate to sustain a vastly degraded production base. I share the opinion of people like Dr. Christine Jones, that we desperately need to rebuild, regenerate or perhaps even build biological foundations that have not yet existed on this continent.

The only people currently in a position to implement these needs are active land managers. (That includes fishers, foresters etc. but it does not exclude members from any sector of the public who wish to have a go at it.) They will need maximum community support. Firstly and foremost, they need to be given an incentive.

Chris Henggeler, Kachana Station, Kimberley WA