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Outdoor Classroom

Kachana's Outdoor Classroom is available for hire at certain times between May and August of each year...

A minimum of 3 months notification is needed.

Outdoor Classroom 1

Kachana with its diverse terrain, numerous projects and mix of habitat areas has been the venue for Landscape Management Workshops attracting high-powered international guest-speakers...

There is a reason:

Hands-on land-care, innovation, toil and persistence have seen a transformation from what was an eroding waste-land in 1992 to an ideal out-door classroom with flowing creeks, patches of "rainforest refugia", spinifex ridges, rejuvenated springs, open bush-land, pastures, swamps, frog-ponds and a diversity of habitat for native species.

Outdoor Classroom 2

Most of the year Kachana Pastoral Company activities focus on actual land-management tasks.

During some of this time we welcome others to make use of our classroom.

Income derived from hiring out our "out-door classroom" goes back to restorative management of our natural resources.

Outdoor Classroom 3

Costs include:

Daily Kachana Eco-Contribution: $30 per person/day

Airstrip maintenance fee: $100 per surface movement (Kachana is only accessible by air)

Venue hire for classroom: $35 per person per day

Any other direct costs to Kachana Pastoral Company as a result of hosting a function

A minimum of 3 months notification is needed with non-refundable deposit of $1'000.00.

For assistance with logistics and the hire of equipment etc. please contact us.


Things to consider:

- Interstate travel times and transit accommodation

- Travel and health insurance

- Air charter travel costs (Kununurra-Kachana // Kachana-Kununurra)

- Hire of camping equipment (tents, swags, towels and linen)

- Cost of food and beverages

- Projectors etc.

Outdoor Classroom 4