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Basic Level Kachana Environmental Literacy Training

"If a picture says a thousand words, then our results speak for themselves." C.H.

The need for computer literacy seemed to dominate the commercial world in latter part of last century. In this new millennium environmental literacy will underpin the thinking that will help us redesign human economies to be in tune with our natural heritage. A story about adult learning

We distinguish between four levels of environmental literacy.

A primary objective of these workshops is to enhance the understanding of our role in the manipulation of eco-system function and how this knowledge might assist us in managing for improved outcomes.

The workshops are designed to enhance experience based learning, conceptual learning (books, diagrams, lectures, seminars and workshops) and intuitive learning, by making use of nature's own learning aids: all of our five senses.

Rugged, but beautiful outback settings allow us to:
Smell soils, plants, flowers, animals, fire, water...
Listen to the sounds produced by wind, water, fire, beetles, birds, and animals...
Touching surfaces, soils, plants, animals, tools...
Tasting water and other products of the eco-system
All the while we visually observe what is going on around us as well as our part in it all.

For a three-day interactive learning experience about eco-system manipulation and a first-hand grasp of basic environmental literacy please book into one of our planned Kachana Environmental Literacy Workshops:


This workshop will take place subject to a minimum of six committed participants. Please contact us for a costing of the 2010 training package, which includes:

  • Workshop attendance fee
  • All meals, snacks and refreshments
  • Camping facilities: Swags, towels and tents (don't forget your bathers!)
  • Air charter: Kununurra - Kachana // Kachana - Kununurra
  • All transportation on Kachana
  • The Kachana Eco-Contribution (for the land)
  • 10% GST (for the tax-man)
  • Special workshops can be arranged. Six participants are the ideal number.

    We offer a money-back guarantee to those who are not satisfied with the workshop.

    Farm-biz or other types of funding assistance should apply to most participants. Should you wish to source assistance with funding, we suggest you make contact with your closest land-care group for such purposes. We also suggest you seek advice from your accountant, as tax-deductions in excess of 100% may apply in some instances.

    To avoid disappointment, need to be made at least four months in advance.