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Student Practical Work Experience

Student Information

Kachana Pastoral Company offers a 3 to 6 month practical work experience for students with an environmental or agricultural background. They obtain a firsthand insight to the challenges and practicalities of Landscape Revitalization.

In addition to their practical input, students are encouraged to conduct a personal research assignment each; they are also informed about other research on Kachana and get to meet the people involved. Students may also participate (free of charge) in any Workshops on Kachana that take place during their practical stage.

Optimal time-frames:

(Please also view our “Landscape Management Calendar”)

Special notes:

  1. Students need to be aware of climatic and geographical conditions on Kachana, and our purpose and goal.
  2. Students take part in a semi-nomadic life-style whilst moving around in the landscape with a trained working cattle-herd.
  3. Life in the Australian Out-back is not always easy, so we strongly advise that interested students get in contact with people who have already absolved a practical stage on Kachana (please contact us for details).
  4. Kachana Pastoral Company does not employ students; all student involvement on Kachana is voluntary: i.e. an active personal contribution to the restoration of health and productivity to deteriorated landscapes combined with a unique practical learning experience.
  5. Within the first week of arrival, students need to sign a contract as recommended.
  6. Australian legislation provides for very strict immigration and visa requirements therefore an appropriate student-visa needs to be applied for early. To save time later please correspond with us about this before you begin the process.
  7. The student is required to have comprehensive travel insurance compatible with the visa.

For students who are not sponsored, the costs involve:

What you need to bring:

A non-representative checklist (in German) can be found here.

For students from Switzerland, especially those studying at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) please contact for additional information. He was the first student doing a prac work on Kachana an he is able to give some helpful advice.