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Student Practical Work Experience

Kachana Landscape Management Calendar

January: Hot and dry, hot and wet or cool and wet

February: Hot and dry, hot and wet or cool and wet Statistically this is our highest rainfall-month, but totally unpredictable

March: The key-month for landscape management, tends to be cooler in a good wet season; fire breaks with fire

April: This is generally the end of wet season; herd segregation and biological budgeting; reduction of fuel loads with fire if necessary

May: We take the main herd South to the Alligator Creek and Lone Pine Creek Revitalization Projects

June: Country begins to dry off and we use the stock for wild-fire mitigation strategies.

July: Cool (05 deg to 30 deg) Soilfoodweb monitoring in our Millennium Project.

August: Can get warm to hot. Ration off feed for the dry months.

September: Landscape Management Workshops, Report on workshops.

October: Hot. Use the herd to prepare the ground for the rainy season.

November: Hot with the odd storm
Annual Photo Monitoring, Alligator Creek, Lone Pine Creek, Lee Creek and Rock-Wallaby Creek revitalization Projects

December: Hot with the odd storm

N.B.: Our year is shaped by the elements. We try to work with Nature and her physical and biological forces.