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“Experience teaches you to recognise a mistake when you have made it again.”

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“If the Lord scattered us at Babylon to stop us from dominating his creation, perhaps he will let us unite to save what is left.” S.B.

There are any number of ways in which people as individuals, groups or organisations can lend support and assist Kachana Pastoral Company in the rebuilding of our ecological asset base.

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We focus on functional aspects of :

Functional science (where cause and effect can be correlated) offers explanations on HOW things happen. At a landscape management level we primarily need to explore WHAT actually happens. In most land-management situations the people on site are best qualified to come up with the optimal solutions.

Our service promotes the need for a growing degree of environmental literacy and the need to apply some form of holistic decision-making process. We offer suggestions and demonstrate to you out in the field principles and guide-lines that apply in our situation. If appropriate we include the viewing of video material.

You will find that the principles will also apply to your situation. However many of the guidelines may need to be modified to suit your unique situation.

Your investment will be justified if you are in a position to re-appraise your operation from a new perspective. However taking on board and committing to unsuitable advice very often proves a costly business, so we recommend you first study the CONCEPTS and MANAGEMENT section of this site to familiarise yourself with the Kachana Pastoral Company approach.

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