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“Good judgment comes from experience and experience comes from bad judgement.”

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Millennium Project

The Kachana Millennium Project

Project Outline and Purpose

The purpose is to highlight how fire (to right); large animals (centre) and the absence of these (to left) are in fact major influences in the shaping of our landscapes and that in many broader landscape situations the interplay of these three influences have had / still have a far greater impact than mechanical and/or chemical inputs and/or the (trans)planting of species (humans excepted).

Area overview
Different areas


We invite external monitoring of what is taking place.
We now also conduct Soil Foodweb monitoring each year. For this we chose the dry season, because it is considered that eco-system function is then generally at it's lowest. It is however also considered that in our latitude with an annual average rainfall in the region of 750 mm there should be viable ecological activity throughout the year. This is what we are managing for and therefore it is of interest to us:

We share our results with other Land Managers and at Landscape Management Workshops


To date this project has been privately funded by the Waser and Henggeler Families. Obliging volunteers have assisted with the taking of soil-samples, web-page construction, cattle-movements, fire exclusion and other associated chores. Dr Elaine Ingham kindly donated one round of soil-sampling.

Kachana Pastoral Company is now looking for long-term financial sponsors for this high-profile project.