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“If we do not learn from history, we are doomed to repeat it.”
Ancient wisdom

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Landscape Management Advice for the Pastoral Industry

Paying for advice that saves you money in the long-term, is like buying time...

SOIL: Nature's own long-term high-interest bank account...
We offer practical advice on the management of this core asset.

Our service focuses on:
  • Increasing back-paddock production
  • Reclaiming country that conventional rangeland wisdom considers to be "useless" or "damaged beyond repair"
  • Maximizing the profit on cull animals
  • Drought-proofing
  • Creek rehabilitation

In all three cases we use biology as a management-tool.

Out in the field where we score our marks, we rely on unorthodox rangeland experience dating back to the nineteen-sixties... We use what seems to work best and adapt our management to achieve the desired results; we take pride in keeping abreast with cutting edge technology and up-to-date information.

The Pastoral Industry in the business of building soil.

In the academic arena where we clash with conventional wisdom, we rely on our own results and on the results of others. We back up uncommon good sense with observation, experimentation and continued learning.

The Kachana Pastoral Company Goal includes the export of highest quality, organically grown “Kachana Happy Beef”, but to do so on a sustainable basis we first need to reach a level of productivity that is commercially feasible to sustain...

New knowledge, new skills, new family friendly job
opportunities, new wealth!

Happy animals and healthy red meat; a by-product
of managing for healthier soil...

New information that helps you net higher returns is always a bargain...

Please for further information...

We do not advise on how to market your beef...
For this information we recommend a Grazing for Profit School

We do not advise on how to manage your business...
For goal setting we recommend Holistic Management

We do not advise on how to handle your animals...
If you are not happy with what you are getting, try Low Stress Stockhandling

We do not advise on what is in your soil...
If you wish to find out we recommend: http://www.Soilfoodweb.com/