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Kachana Pastoral Company

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Kachana Pastoral Company is a small private company committed to restorative landcare.

We work with the methods and guidelines of Holistic Management, developped by Alan Savory. We provide visible demonstrations and promote environmental literacy.

Below a short outline of our past, present and future…

The Kachana Station pastoral lease was defined in 1989. It comprises an area of approximately 77’500 hectares of inaccessible upper-river rainfall catchment country. (Formerly the area was an unmanaged appendage at the southern end of the present El Questro lease.)

No access, no physical infrastructure, rugged terrain, deteriorating biological foundations and only a few poor looking Shorthorn clean-skin cattle…

As a pastoral proposition ‘Kachana’ was an obvious financial liability.

Kachana Pastoral Company was well aware of this fact.

Taking on the Kachana lease was justified because of:

The chosen strategy was: A focus on non-primary production income whilst subsidizing the gradual rebuilding of sound ecological foundations.

Management began in 1992 and results begin to speak for themselves.