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Kachana Landscape Management Workshop 2004

Workshop Program

07th, 08th and 09th September

Wednesday 01st
05:00Gather at Alligator Airways terminal Kununurra airport

Light aircraft departure from Alligator Airways terminal:

A 32-minute low-level flight to get an impression of the Dunham River Catchment.

Welcome at the Alligator Creek airstrip

20 - 30 minute walk:

  • View upper-river rainfall-catchment challenges (Bauhinia Creek)
  • View fire-break on Scotty's Ridge
  • View Lone Pine Creek and the progress of upper catchment restoration work commenced in 2003.


Cup of tea and snacks while participants advise of particular workshop related topics they may have a special interest in.

The history of Kachana:

  • Pre human
  • Aboriginal
  • Pre WWII
  • Post WWII
  • Recent History

Purpose and the aims of Kachana Pastoral Company.

Dr Andrew Storey: Food for thought 10-15 minutes) (Catchment Health)

Sam Bingham: Food for thought (10-15 minutes) (Mega fauna; use of fire)

Andre Annen and Laura Parolini: Student Prac Policy of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology


Depart for Goanna Vlei

View erosion of peat deposits

12:00Depart for Elephant Rock

Picnic lunch at Elephant Rock.

Inspection of creek-bank and the impact of stock

Factors we associate with “Disturbance”

View the Management Tool at Cockatoo Creek

Relocation to Station Camp

Videos: “Far and away”, “To burn or not to burn”, Discussion

“Check in” (sort out the sleeping arrangements and get to know the lay-out of the camp)


Early dinner

“Wrap-up” session (Laura Parolini and Sam Bingham)

The idea of these late “Wrap-up” sessions is primarily to help those of us who are slow at learning to quickly have the events of the past day recalled before the inevitable process of forgetting begins. Often discussions are then sparked that then lead to the solving of all the world's problems while the wiser people get some rest.

Thursday 02nd
04:00What fire does... (Demonstration, if wind conditions allow it.)
05:00 to 06:00Cup of tea, biscuits
06:15 to 07:00“Megafaunal biomass”: Power Point Presentation by Sam Bingham
07:00 to 07:30Discussion
08:45Field walk guided by Sam Bingham
13:00Picnic Lunch
14:30 onwards

“Aquatic Biomass”: Field walk guided by Dr Andrew Storey followed by / including Power Point Presentation



“Wrap-up” session (Andre Annen, Dr Andrew Storey and Sam Bingham)

Thursday 02nd
05:00 to 06:00Cup of tea, biscuits
06:15 to 07:00Slide show on erosion and Case study: Dunham River
07:00 to 07:30Discussion facilitated by Dr Andrew Storey



Outcome focused management

10:15Sam Bingham: “Wrap up” session & action plans

Discussion; Field walk

Relocation to the Alligator Creek Airstrip will take place mid afternoon.