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“Any simple idea will be worded in the most complicated way.”
Malek’s Law

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March 2006 News

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  • Carbon is our currency; building soil and productivity is the name of the game…

  • Environmental & Pastoral Industry News
  • ORD “Reunion”: No formal agendas; simply a chance for land managers to take time out to compare notes…
  • Manager and staff training:
  • Manager training and ongoing self-education: Can we afford not to do it? Staff training and education: One thing that costs a business more than training staff and then having them leave, is not training them and having them stay…
  • Kachana Workshops; Kimberley region; WA
  • Mataranka, NT Holistic Management® Training Program
  • Alice Springs, NT; G f P School: 15-22 March
  • Katherine, NT; G f P School: 29 March - 5 April
  • Low Stress Stockhandling
  • Soil Bio-Chemistry with Dr Elaine Ingham
  • Kachana Station News
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  • Paradigm shifts…
    Breaking out of the prevailing paradigm is one thing…
    But then try and tell somebody about it!

    Cartoon is courtesy of Peter Donovan

    “Good intentions will never replace bad judgment.” S.C.

    May the season be kind to you all.

    Greetings from The Kachana Team in the heart of Australia’s Kimberley!