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“Nature does not need us, but we humans sure need nature if we are to survive as a species.”

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The message is: "Junk food" does not necessarily begin at the "fast food outlets". Toxic waste sold to farmers as fertiliser contributes to unsafe food products.

This is not urgent, but it is important...

Most of us eat at least three times a day, so the information in the link below concerns us all. The practices that are described are however having the greatest impact on forming embryos and young children.

Much of what we eat is supplied by agriculture. In a course by Dr Arden Andersen (Medical physician as well as soil scientist and a lot more) that I attended, we learned how farms had literally become the dumping ground for toxic waste from big industry. (Toxic waste sold as fertilizer!) A lengthy article I read in ACRES USA (October 2002) described the complexity of the web woven by big business, local and national politics that has trapped farmers world-wide in a situation where the integrity of the food that they supply is largely compromised. This happened mostly in good faith or plain ignorance and is sanctioned by an apathetic public majority.

Much of what modern agriculture produces in this way is not only junk, but unsafe and is compromising the immune systems of our next generation. As consumers we need not only be price conscious but quality conscious.

However as members of a society perhaps we may need to also become more conscientious. So if you are fortunate enough not to be eating any imported food and you know the practices of your local growers and about their source of fertiliser, please consider just sending this link on to people who may not be as fortunate. The good news is that there is a lot that we as consumers can do with how we vote with the dollars we spend, the demand that we place on the market and the opinions we express in writing. (Politicians and bureaucrats know only too well that for every opinion voiced there is a silent portion of people who share it; they are also well aware that for every opinion expressed in writing, that silent portion is so much greater.)

I encourage you to invest some of your quality time to further inform yourself and then please share some of that information. We can have influence on a common concern:



Chris Henggeler