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“I grew up in a time when you wanted to save so that your children would have a better life than you had. Now, in all the Anglo-Saxon economies, people don't seem to want to help the next generation, they want to cheat it, by leaving a legacy of worn-out capital...and debt.”

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Other Islands of Biodiversity


"Islands" managed specifically to enhance soil life, plant life and animal life, whilst preserving local genetics.

Defining "Islands of Biodiversity" has in a way been a cry for broader community assistance:


Kachana Pastoral Company believes that "Islands of Biodiversity" pave the way for encouraging community commitment towards restorative landcare. They put in place effective management structures and enable the appropriate custodianship of the natural assets that make our region so special.

Sponsorship is sought to put in place the effective custodianship of other key areas...

(Areas to be renamed by the sponsors.)

Similarly we see the need for Islands of Biodiversity in:

Kachana Pastoral Company is also in a good position to assist in pointing out appropriate sites for Islands of Biodiversity in other upper-river rainfall-catchment areas of the region Kachana Pastoral Company can also offer practical management advice.


We are all called on throughout the year to donate to this cause or to that cause... Most are noble and worthy, but we simply dare not always oblige...

No human will suffer any less today if we sponsor environmental causes... it is not for us to go begging when people on the planet are sick and starving...

Islands of Biodiversity cannot replace compassion for our fellow human.

Islands of Biodiversity are designed to address the root cause of poverty:  impoverished, unhealthy and dysfunctional environments will lead to impoverished people, ill health, social breakdown and violence over diminishing resources.

Opting for restorative development is a viable alternative…

It is also exiting...

Visit the same area a few years later: